Our Products

All of our products are made on the farm from sustainably sourced local hardwoods.

Barbeque Charcoal
Our high quality barbeque charcoal lights quickly, without the need for firelighters or lighter fuel, is ready to cook on in 15 minutes, burns cleanly and gives a great flavour to your food. There are no chemical additives, just pure charcoal! We sell it in 3kg bags.

Gardener’s Biochar
When used as a soil supplement, charcoal can bring a range of benefits including:

  • Holding and delivering nutrients to the plant.
  • Retaining moisture in light soils.
  • Conditioning for heavy soils.

We sell Biochar in 3kg bags.

Animal Feed Supplement
Our animal feed supplement is made from pure granulated charcoal. It is suitable for all animals and pets and can help to :

  • Aid digestion.
  • Absorb intestinal gases and reduce flatulence.
  • Remove toxins.
  • Maintain an animals health and condition.
  • Combat bad breath.

Our Animal Feed Supplement is available in 1kg tubs.

Charcoal Powder
Our charcoal powder can be used in a range of soaps and cosmetics and we can make it to your specification. Please contact us with your requirements.

We can deliver logs (regular or kiln-dried) all year round in one metre cubed dumpy bags. All our wood is sustainably sourced from local woodlands. Please contact us for a price.